Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Makana: Experienced Pup-traveler

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Pawed by: Makana's Mom

Makana Ages

We're at less than a week before the big trip and Makana knows something is up. Seems that when she sees bags, boxes and lots of movement she gets a bit nervous. Although she's no longer a pup, she will be referred to here as many things including, pooch, doggie, 'you people', etc. She's almost 14 years's old, that's 14 x 7 = 98 in human years?!! Well, as she ages she seems to NOT like changes or doesn't adapt as well as she used to when she was younger. When we lived in Hawaii she was accustomed to visiting other people's homes and riding in the car at least once a week. Now, there's no one to visit that will welcome pets so she doesn't go riding much.

Makana's past mainland miles vs Hawaii Miles

Makana has been on at least two road trips that we can remember; one from FL to North Carolina, along with her sister and sleeping at rest stops until we got in the hotel, she and Nala did great. No one got sick in the car and they were fine as long as they were with mommy. Another trip was from Orlando to St. Petersburg about three hours, not as far but again no problems.

Sometimes I'll just put her in the car and drive around the neighborhood so she can go riding, or just to pick someone up for a short ride.

Here's a pic of her in a kid's booster chair after 'da kid' left the car. It was funny that Makana just hopped into the chair and loved sitting in it.
So now it's been a few years from a long trip and we're trying to get her used to being in the car for an extended period, going in a carry bag to go into rest stops and stores has taken some time to find the right sneak bag for size, comfort and be incognito.

By the way, here's a funny pic of Makana's sister Nala. She was barely 4 lbs and was fine with going in her bag but wanted to stick her head out when she was strapped to the seat, don't worry she wasn't squished the bag was very rigid and she felt safe inside.

Planning what to bring

Bringing your pooch along for a long road trip is almost as much work as bringing your kids! Planning is key, not just finding the right hotel that will accept pets but what do you do when you have to go to rest stops, stores or restaurants. At least I'm not traveling by myself, someone else can stay in the car with her and it's summer so there's no leaving her in the car. I'll be posting about carrier bags that I got for this trip that fit Makana and write a review of how 'we' like it.

I'll be posting a list of all the things we'll be bringing on the trip. Some of the things are coming in the mail so I'll post those items as we get them in and test them before we leave and while we're on the trip.

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