Friday, March 18, 2016

Been awhile - where did you go?

After going on Makana's longest road trip - probably over 5,000 miles including side trips from Orlando, Florida to Vail, Colorado - her mom took a break and didn't post the rest of her pics - so while she's catching up on life - she'll be posting on Makana's present journey of getting healthier as  she ages. Makana that is, not her mom but then that may be one in the same.

Makana turned 14 years old in October 2015, she was 14 when she did the long trip and still loves to go on car rides, even if it's just short trips. With the Florida heat coming upon us, even though it's still March - the temperatures during the day can be in the mid 80s - so Makana can't be left in the car for even the shortest of times as car temperatures, even with the windows down, can be 20 degrees or hotter than it is outside. So here's a tip, if you want to take your dog riding, take him or her in a bag into the stores or businesses you go to. Otherwise, leave your baby at home, you and they will be glad you did and take them for a walk when it's cooler in the mornings or evenings before you go out so they don't feel trapped in the house. - word from the wise - Makana's Mom.

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