Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Day After - Makana's Health Status

It's Saturday morning and I missed a call from the Vet's office - checking on Makana.

I tried to give her meds - an hour before eating she's supposed to take Denamarin - which is a holistic/supplement to aid in liver function - or as it says on the label - for liver dysfunction. Anyway, I normally give Makana all her pill/meds that she doesn't chew, in peanut butter - she wouldn't take it and refused all foods. I called the vet's office to ask what to do.

Called back - East Orlando Animal Hospital
Call from Nate for Dr. Glenn

My Notes:

Makana had no problem with vomiting or diarrhea yesterday/last night. This morning she

doesn't want to eat, hand fed her small portion, less than a tablespoon of small pieces of

boiled chicken, didn't want rice, but ate tiny amounts of cooked Okinawan sweet potato. Any suggestions?

She is drinking water and urinating okay. Con"t dark orange urine output. No stool, most

likely because she didn't eat much. Will try to walk her later.

The Vet Tech I spoke to with the update, relayed the info to the vet and said, the doctor was surprised Makana ate anything and it's okay that she doesn't have an appetite right now, just let the meds work. I can call later in the day or tomorrow if need. (Fortunately this clinic is regularly open 7 days a week.)

It's storming now. 7 pm, no walk for Makana. The last time she went outside was a very short walk down the street on Friday before going to vet about 11 am.

Makana still reluctant to eat. Basically has eaten a teaspoon of chopped chicken, only if I hand feed her tiny pieces at a time.

She will put food in her mouth and then spit it out. I had to force her little mouth open to put the pills/meds to the back of her throat, as she wouldn't take it with peanut butter.

She will drink water if I offer it to her, with little laps of it.

She had one urine accident upstairs on the cloth under her bed, I gave her a bath and the

orange colored urine has stained her white hair, more on one side of her hip than the

other. Her urine's never been like that before - liver failure has dark orange output.

She's resting okay and wants to be with me or my husband but not overly clingy and not hiding in a corner like she had been a couple days ago. She also doesn't have the heavy panting that she had prior to going to the vet. She seems pretty calm, sadly wants to eat but not going on in, praying for a better day tomorrow. Will offer her sweet potato later in the evening and water at night is always nearby.


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