Friday, May 27, 2016

How to make healthy homemade dog food - Makana Meatloaf

Makana's Story on why we make her food - Makana Meatloaf or Meatballs

A healthier alternative to dry dog food, make your own dog food using ingredients that you know are healthier for your pet.

A couple of months ago, Makana was very sick, the vet said her tests and symptoms showed she was in liver failure. We don't know what caused it, although it's suspect she somehow ingested some type of toxin where in a day or two she was unable to eat or drink liquids and was stumbling, vomiting and lethargic.

The only thing the vet said they could do was run tests, give her IV hydration and send her home with a supplement that consisted of milk thistle, try to get her to drink water and feed her chicken and rice. Later, if she would eat, the vet said to give her some vegetables.

As I researched the net, I found that I should have "forced" Makana to get water and pureed food into her, to get her healthy - it was a very shaky few weeks. We were told to come back in a month to be retested and hope (we prayed) that her liver would regenerate itself.

This recipe came about after watching youtube videos, reading a lot of material and keeping a diary and food log f what was going on with Makana's health.

We're happy to announce that although her liver numbers were over 1,000 when we went to the vet, in a month, with love and persistence, her liver numbers are in the 200 range. The vet was surprised how well she was doing and said she needs to lose weight (that's an ongoing story with Makana) and although her liver numbers should be in the `100s, he's satisfied right now, that she won't need another check for 3 months.

I don't know if her food contributed to her failing liver but I do know that the combination of changing her diet, giving her a tiny portion of powder milk thistle, based on her weight, water, prayer, patience and love, our little Makana is still with us today. She may be 14 years-old, so my goal is to make sure she's comfortable and taken care of as best as we can. - mm

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