About Makana

Makana Stats:

  • Female, canine, long-hair chi
  • Born Oct 2001
  • Weight 11.3 lbs (she's presently working on living a vegan diet with her mom)
  • Lived on Oahu, Hawaii from birth to Feb 2009
  • Moved to Orlando, FL 2009 to present

Makana means "gift" in the Hawaiian language. It's appropriate for her as she was ready for adoption near December and her mom got her as a gift to herself!

You may have heard of the Disney television series, Dog with a Blog. Well this is only partially written from a canine perspective and partly by the dog's faithful companion, her mom. This blog is about Makana's longest roadtrip in Aug 2015, the preparation, and the adventure. There will also be journals of other adventures that Makana has had with her other 'siblings'.

Makana's first BIG traveling expedition was with her sister Nala from Hawaii to Florida. Nala has since passed (Feb 2014) and their sister Cali (Golden Retriever 2007-2015) has also gone somewhere over the rainbow, but Makana will do some flashbacks of great times over the years.

Makana is now 14 years old, she's doing well health wise, except for a little arthritis in the knees, and needing to lose weight (lifelong battle), however her recent health check up and labs are great. So with that, she will accompany her mom & dad on a trip from Florida to Colorado to Las Vegas and Texas and back to Florida again. This is her story and some flashbacks from her days with her sisters Nala and Cali and a few twinkles of her brother Boo (a mini Lion Head bunny) who is staying with a friend while Makana goes for the longest road-trip she may ever experience, roughly 5,000 miles in two weeks.

This is not her longest travel distance as that came when she flew from Honolulu to Florida but that was a bit traumatic so she may reserve that for flashback time.

We may go from first to second to third person, but then again who cares - this is about a dog's travels. ###

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